RECORD REVIEW(Cost $290-580 depending on size of record) (Procedure Code 90885) Evaluation   of   hospital   records,   school   records,   previous   psychological   reports,   previous   tests,   and   other   accumulated   data. There   is   no   charge   if   the   Record   Review   is   conducted   in   the   process   of   completing   the   Neurobehavioral   Evaluation   or   one   of the    Neuropsychological    Evaluations    and    the    results    of    the    review    are    incorporated    into    the    written    report    for    those procedures.   A   Record   Review   conducted   during   the   process   of   a   Psychiatric   Diagnostic   Interview   may   require   a   separate   fee for   the   Record   Review   depending   on   the   size   of   the   record   and   the   additional   time   required.   However,   Record   Reviews   often do   not   require   significant   additional   time   and   in   such   cases   additional   fees   will   not   be   charged.If   you   have   had   prior   testing and   suspect   the   results   are   wrong,   you   may   benefit   from   having   your   situation   reviewed   by   Dr.   Smith   in   an   hour   long Diagnostic Interview consultation. Please click on the link below to see the description of this service. Diagnostic Interview
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