DYSLEXIA Learning Software Systems The   preferred   instruction   for   the   dyslexic   reader   is   individual   lessions   with   the   Orton-Gillingham   approach   from   a   trained instructor.      However,   not   everyone   has   access   to   personal   individualized   instruction.      Some   people   find   the   following   systems helpful for instruction.  Please judge for yourself whether these systems might be helpful for you. Orton-Gillingham   Based   Reading   Intervention   Program.   Instruction   is   provided   by   prerecorded   human   voice,   to   try   to   duplicate working   with   a   teacher.   Teaches   a   student   how   to   sound   out   letter      combinations   and   make   them   into   words.   It   does   this     through audio, visual and tactile-kinesthetic (learn by  "doing") exercises. Click to get the   Reading Program’s website .   Read,   Write   &   Type   Learning   System    from   Talking   Fingers      is   reading   software   that   includes   phonics,   spelling,   keyboarding   and word processing. Click to get the Talking Fingers  website .
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