IQ MINDWARE High   IQ   Pro   Brain   Training    Software   is   a   highly   effective,   scientifically   proven   brain   training   application.      20   days   of training, 20 minutes per day. I3   Mindware    is   also   a   scientifically   proven   brain   training   application   designed   for   IQ   levels   greater   than   120.      20-25 days of training for 20-25 minutes per day. Both   HighIQPro    and   I3   Mindware    use   the   same   scientifically   proven   exercise   for   improving   cognitive   efficiency   (‘brain power’).      I3   Mindware   is   a   more   intensive   program   that   gives   you   the   same   “core   training”   exercise   and   problem   solving training   as   HighIQPro,   but   with   additional   training   for   verbal,   visuo-spatial   and   quantitative   intelligence.   If   you   are preparing   for   a   professional   IQ   test,   college   adminissioin   test,   job   test   or   high   IQ   society   such   as   Mensa,   I3   Mindware   is the recommended program for you. Click here to find out more about IQ MINDWARE Click here to order High IQ Pro Brain Training or I3 Mindware
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