Raising Your IQ There   are   three   approaches   to   improving   your   IQ   score   or   intelligence.   One   is   to   concentrate   on   raising   your   IQ   score, another   is   to   ensure   your   optimum   mental   functioning   and   the   other   is   to   concentrate   on   increasing   your   actual intelligence.      Your   IQ   score   is   not   your   actual   intelligence   but   is   an   estimate   based   on   a   particular   test.   All   estimates   are subject   to   error   and   are   not   a   direct   reflection   of   your   actual   intelligence.   There   is   no   measure   of   your   actual   intelligence. It   is   important   to   remember   that   although   they   closely   related   and   IQ   score   is   not   the   same   thing   as   your   actual intelligence. Can We Make Our Children Smarter? Your   IQ   score   however   is   important   in   many   situations.      If   the   IQ   score   is   used   as   a   concrete,   numerical   measure   to   make decisions   about   you   than   the   IQ   score   assumes   great   significance.      Even   though   raising   your   IQ   score   may   or   may   not raise your actual intelligence,  a raised IQ score can be of significant advantage to you. o Taking   practice   IQ   tests   may   raise   your   IQ   score.      The   gold   standard   of   IQ   testing   are   the   Wechsler   scales.   These come   in   three   versions.      The   Wechsler   Preschool   and   Primary   Scale   of   Intelligence™   –   Fourth   Edition   (WPPSI   –   IV)   is for   ages   two   years,   six   months   to   seven   years,   seven   months.   The   Wechsler   Intelligence   Scale   for   Children-Fourth Edition   (WISC-IV)   is   for   ages   six   years,   zero   months   to   16   years   11   months.   The   Wechsler   Adult   Intelligence   Scale- Fourth   Edition   (WAIS-IV)   is   for   ages   16   years,   zero   months   to   90   years,   11   months.   All   other   IQ   tests   are   compared to   these   tests.      You   cannot   take   the   official   IQ   test   on   your   own,   but   similar   practice   tests   are   available   on   the   web for your practice. Practice IQ test  More IQ Tests Online IQ Test Free Online IQ Test o The   second   approach   is   to   improve   your   optimal   brain   and   cognitive   functioning   by   ensuring   you   are   getting   the right   kind   of   sleep.      When   you   sleep   your   brain   is   being   cleared   of   clutter   you   have   accumulated   during   your   waking hours.   Quantity   of   sleep   (7-9   hours)   is   not   enough.      It   is   the   amount   of   time   you   spend   in   deep   sleep   that   counts and   you   can’t   tell   that   from   just   looking   at   someone.      A   Sleep   Study   is   needed   to   accurately   evaluate   whether   you   or your   child’s   sleep   is   disturbed.      Even   one   night   of   poor   sleep   will   degrade   your   processing   and   learning   power.Like your    computer,    your    processing    speed    and    efficiency    is    degraded    when    your    accumulate    too    much    junk information.  Click on the links below to  find out more about sleep and your cognitive functioning. Types of Sleep Disorders Sleep Deprivation May Cause Brain Damage Sleep Deprivation Lowers IQ Kids are Smarter If They Sleep Longer Sleep Apnea in Kids Lowers IQ Too little sleep lowers IQ   Lack of Sleep Lowers IQ The   third   approach   is   try   and   change   actual   brain   functioning   and   neural   circuitry.      There   are   several   approaches   to   this perspective.   One   is   to   improve   sleep.      Recent   research   has   shown   that   it   is   possible   to   raise   intelligence   through   a systematic   set   of   exorcises   that   designed   to   stimulate   enhanced   neural   connections.      Click   IQ   Raising   Program    to   learn more about getting this program.
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