PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSTIC INTERVIEW (cost $240) (procedure code 90791) A   Psychiatric   Diagnostic   Interview   may   be   all   that   is   needed   in   your   situation.   Additional   testing   may   not   be   necessary.   A primary   purpose   of   the   interview   is   to   review   your   situation   to   determine   what   tests,   if   any,   are   needed   to   reach   a   diagnostic conclusion.   Clients   who   have   chosen   to   only   have   a   Psychiatric   Diagnostic   Interview   have   felt   such   a   consultation   to   be   very helpful   in   clarifying   their   options   in   this   often   very   confusing   area.A   Psychiatric   Diagnostic   Interview   is   the   first   step   in   all neuro-psychological   testing.   Dr.   Smith   conducts   a   Psychiatric   Diagnostic   Interview   to   review   the   client's   history,   mental   status, symptoms,   previous   testing,   diagnosis   and   make   recommendations   for   interventions   or   additional   evaluation   procedures.   All psychological   disorders,   other   learning   disabilities   and   ADHD   or   ADD   must   be   screened   for   when   considering   conditions   such as   dyslexia   or   ADHD.   A   written   summary   of   the   interview   and   recommendations,   including   specific   tests   recommended   will   be included   and   sent   to   the   client   and   to   any   referring   physician's   office.   Clients   may   decide   to   have   any   additional   evaluation   or remediation   conducted   by   Dr.   Smith.   However,   insurance   restrictions   may   prevent   follow   up   with   Dr.   Smith   in   which   case   the written   interview   summary   can   be   taken   to   participating   providers   for   consultation   and   follow-up.   Clients   with   such   restrictions who   have   consulted   Dr.   Smith   for   a   Diagnostic   Interview   and   could   not   continue   with   him   have   felt   the   consultation   to   be   very helpful   in   clarifying   their   options   in   this   often   confusing   area.   A   full   range   of   underlying   conditions   that   might   be   causing   your symptoms   will   be   considered,   including   ADHD   ,   ADD,   Dyslexia,   other   learning   disabilities   and   psychological   problems.   The most   common   of   the   learning   disabilities   is   developmental   dyslexia   ,   but   if   there   are   indications   of   other   disorders   such   as attention   deficit   disorder   ADD      ADHD,   psychological   problems   testing   procedures   in   addition   to   those   for   dyslexia   will   be recommended.   The   most   common   purpose   of   the   interview   is   to   determine   what   NPS   services   (if   any)   are   appropriate   for   a specific   client.   (One   of   the   testing   procedures   described   below   is   most   often   required.   However,   there   are   times   when   there   is sufficient   information   from   the   intake   and/or   records   review   to   make   remedial   recommendations)   We   will   also   try   to   make recommendations   for   services   not   provided   by   NPS   whenever   possible.   The   interview   does   not   generally   result   in   a   final diagnosis,    definitive    conclusions    or    comprehensive    written    report.    The    interview    results    in    a    brief    written    summary    of preliminary   conclusions   and   recommendations   for   subsequent   action.   When   subsequent   testing   is   conducted   the   results   of   the interview   are   incorporated   into   the   testing   report.   A   review   of   previous   testing   and   related   records   from   other   professionals   is not   a   part   of   the   diagnostic   interview.   Such   information,   if   available,   can   be   very   valuable   to   the   diagnostic   process,   but requires   considerable   time   for   adequate   review.   Consequently,   such   a   review   of   records   is   a   separate   procedure   from   the diagnostic   interview   and   there   is   a   separate   charge.   Prior   to   scheduling   the   diagnostic   interview,   you   will   receive   forms   to   be filled   out.   These   forms   must   be   thoroughly   completed   and   returned   prior   to   or   on   the   day   of   the   intake.   The   interview   cannot be   started   until   the   forms   are   completed.   Incomplete   or   missing   forms   will   result   in   an   additional   charge.   (These   forms   will remain   confidential).   Among   the   questions   to   be   answered   by   the   intake   interview   is   whether   testing   is   appropriate,   and   if   so, what   kind   of   testing   is   in   order.   With   respect   to   the   latter   question,   recommended   procedures   fall   into   three   general   categories: a    Record    Review,    or    a    Neuropsychological    Evaluation    to    evaluate    for    dyslexia    ,    other    learning    disabilities,    ADHD    (ADD) evaluation,   or   other   conditions.   The   charge   is   determined   by   what   conditions   are   under   consideration   and   the   amount   of testing involved for each condition. The most common types of evaluations and costs can be found on the links below. Dyslexia Evaluation Dyslexia & ADHD Evaluation
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