Contact Information (see below) Dr.   Smith   specializes   in   the   testing   and   diagnosis   of   Dyslexia,   Attention   Deficit   Disorder,   ADHD,   ADD,   Learning   Disabilities, Independent   Educational   Evaluation   and   evaluations   for   the   Michigan   Dyslexia   Institute.People   seek   evaluations   for   a   variety   of reasons.   Frequently,   clients   seek   a   "second   opinion"   evaluations   after   a   first   evaluation   by   another   psychologist   is inconclusive.   These   second   opinion   evaluations   are   frequently   completed   as   an   Independent   Educational   Evaluation,   which   paid for   by   the   school   system   as   required   by   Special   Education   laws.   Clients   seeking   to   qualify   for   an   Independent   Educational Evaluation   should   consult   the   Special   Education   departments   of   their   school   systems.   Individual   school   systems   vary   in   how much   they   will   pay   toward   an   Independent   Educational   Evaluation.   Some   Special   Education   departments   will   pay   for   a   large portion   of   the   fee   with   the   client   or   parent   paying   the   remainder   of   the   fee.   One   of   the   most   common   reasons   for   an   tests   are   to qualify   for   special   accommodation   under   the   Americans   with   Disabilities   Act   (   ADA   ).   Requests   for   such   accommodations   must demonstrate   through   the   application   material,   the   written   report   of   the   test   results   and   any   supportive   materials   from   the schools   Special   Education   department   that   the   disorder   causes   a   substantial   interference   in   educational   activities   or   work related activities. ROBERT D. SMITH, PhD 3505 Coolidge Rd E. Lansing, Michigan 48823 (517) 349-5987 Michigan Dyslexia Institute Abrams Teaching Laboratory 532 E. Shiawassee St. Lansing, Michigan 48912 (517) 485-4000 Michigan Dyslexia Institute Detroit Metro Center 3384 W. Twelve Mile Rd Berkley, Michigan 48072 (248) 658-0777 The   Michigan   Dyslexia   Institute,   Inc.   (MDI)   is   a   nonprofit   organization,   funded   by   a   combination   of   grants,   donations   and   fee   for service   programs   serving   children   and   adults   through   eight   regional   centers   throughout   Michigan.   The   Michigan   Dyslexia Institute   provides   teacher   training,   cooperative   programs   with   school   districts   and   state   agencies,   public   information   about dyslexia,   diagnostic   evaluation   and   remedial   reading   instruction.   Fees   are   charged   for   services,   however   financial   aid   is   often available   for   the   financially   disadvantaged.   In   such   a   situation,   the   prospective   client   should   contact   the   Michigan   Dyslexia Institute   in   advance   to   apply   for   their   scholarship   program.Click   on   this   link   for   more   information   about:   Michigan   Dyslexia Institute
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