College Bound High School Students with Dyslexia, LD or ADHD Accommodations   provided   in   elementary,   middle   and   high   school   through   the   IDEA   law   are   not   automatically   extended   to the college student. If   you   are   a   student   intending   to   go   to   college   or   other   post   high   school   program   you   should   consider   having   a   re- evaluation   completed   with   a   diagnosis   before   high   school   graduation.   Many   colleges   and   universities   require   a   recent evaluation for you to get services. Before   you   graduate   high   school   your   school   district   is   required   to   complete   a   Summary   of   Performance   which   states   your disability,   what   services   you   officially   received   at   the   school   that   helped   you   succeed   and   prepare   for   college,   and recommendations for services and/or supports you will continue to need. Steps you will need to do before and right after you enroll in college Before   you   enroll   in   your   college,   talk   with   someone   in   the   academic   support   office   (learning   disabilities   support   office) and find out what documentation is required for that school and what kinds of services can be offered. Be   ready   to   provide   recent   documentation   of   your   learning   disability.   Colleges   require   documentation   of   a   disability   within the past three years. Once admitted, get in touch with the Academic Support Services to discuss your request for accommodations. If   you   are   denied   accommodations,   rind   out   what   the   school's   internal   grievance   procedure   is   and   work   with   the   Office   of Disability Services to follow it. If   you   feel   you   were   unfairly   denied   you   can   file   complaints   with   the   U.S.   Department   of   Education,   Office   for   Civil   Rights or the U.S. Department of Justice for violation of Sections 504 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here   is   a   list   of   reference   books   that   can   be   very   helpful   for   the   college   bound   student   with   learning   disabilities   or   ADHD.     Click on each one to learn more. “Survival Guide for College Students with ADHD or LD” “K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities, 10th Edition” “Learning   Outside   The   Lines:   Two   Ivy   League   Students   with   Learning   Disabilities   and   ADHD   Give   You   the   Tools   for Academic Success and Educational Revolution” “College Success for Students With Learning Disabilities: Strategies and Tips to Make the Most of Your College Experience”
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