Dr. Smith is a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist.  Member: American Psychological Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, International Dyslexia Association. Neuropsychology:   A   speciality   concerned   with   the   diagnosis   and   remediation   of   brain   disorders   such   as   ADHD,   learning disorders, strokes  tumors. Robert D. Smith, PhD Licensed Psychologist EDUCATION Ph.D. Counseling Psychology (APA Approved) Michigan State University 1984 M.A. Clinical Psychology Central Michigan University 1974 B.S. Psychology Central Michigan University 1972 Neuropsychology Post-Doctoral Program Fielding Institute 1999 LICENSE Fully Licensed Psychologist, Board of Psychology, State of Michigan License # 6301003249 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dr.   Smith   earned   a   Ph.D.   in   Counseling   Psychology   from   the   American   Psychological   Association   approved   program   at Michigan   State   University   and   is   a   Licensed   Psychologist   in   the   State   of   Michigan.Completed   a   two   year   post   doctoral program   in   Neuropsychology   from   the   Fielding   Institute.   Master   of   Arts   Degree   in   Clinical   Psychology   and   has   35   years experience   providing   psychological   assessment   and   psychotherapy   to   children   and   adults.   For   the   past   twelve   years,   he   has been   a   consultant   to   the   Michigan   Dyslexia   Institute   where   he   conducts   evaluations   for   Dyslexia,   Attention   Deficit   Disorder (ADHD, ADD ) and other conditions that interfere with learning. Dr.   Smith   specializes   in   the   testing   and   diagnosis   of   Dyslexia,   Learning   Disabilities,   Attention   Deficit   Disorder,   ADHD,   ADD, Independent Education, and evaluations for the Michigan Dyslexia Institute. Michigan Dyslexia Institute  1994-Present Consultant   -Conduct   neuropsychological   assessments   of   children   and   adults   with   central   nervous   system   dysfunction: Dyslexia , learning disorder , ADHD , Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) evaluations Private Psychology Practice   1992-Present Neuropsychological   Assessment   of   children   and   adults   with   traumatic   brain   damage,   brain   damage   due   to   toxic   substances and disease. Individual Psychotherapy with adolescents and adults. Okemos Counseling Center   1991-1992 Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy with children and adults Michigan Psychotherapy Psychologist  1988-1991 Psychological Assessment, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Supervision of other staffpsychologists and interns. Psychological Counseling Center  1986-1988 Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy with children and adults Ingham County Community Mental Health    1977-1988 Psychological   Assessment,   Individual   and   Group   Psychotherapy,   Consultation   with   social   services,   vocational   rehabilitation services    and    physicians.    Supervised    doctoral    psychology    interns    and    taught    weekly    psychotherapy    seminar    for    APA Approved Professional Psychology Internship. Huron County Community Mental Health  1974 -1976 Psychological   Assessment,   Individual   and   Group   Psychotherapy,   play   therapy,   crisis   intervention,   consultation   with   public schools and with the agency supported pre-school program and consultation with the partial hospitalization program
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